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Tibetan Yogis Villages

Rigzin Rabpel Ling Program

About Rigzin Rabpel Ling
RRL Program Achievements
Inside Rigzin Rabpel Ling Ngakpa House
The Ngakpa Tradition
Photos of Rigzin Rabpel Ling


    Preserving Tibetan Cultural Heritage    




 Latest News...Program Update - October 2016! 

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Tibetan Yogis Villages - Ngakpas of Rebkong

  Our mission 
 Provide access to high school or university education to disadvantaged students 



 Promote the study of Traditional Tibetan Medicine  


Visit the website of the International Academy for Traditional Tibetan Medicine (IATTM)



 Restore ancient constructions


Such as historical Ngakpa Houses…



 Make research and publish books


Related to Tibetan Culture, Ngakpa Tradition and Traditional Tibetan Medicine.


Preserve ancient manuscripts, create digital librarie


 Our organization 
INMI was founded in 2000 by Dr Nida and two of his brothers to preserve and develop the Rebkong Ngakpa culture. It is a non-profit organization with several associated branches throughtout the world.
 Our global program 
 " Rigzin Rabpel Ling" 


5 400 people, leaving in 10 villages around Rigzin Rabpel Ling, will benefit from this program covering cultural, educational and healthcare aspects. Many of them are farmers who have integrated Tantric Buddhism practices in their everyday life; they are called Ngakpas and Ngakmos.